App Tip #5: Being A Good Community Member Is Important One of the best benefits (in my opinion) of Adore Your Wardrobe is its community of like-minded women. It's one of the only places where a group of ladies (some of who you have never met) will cheer you on when you create an amazing outfit, commiserate over finding the perfect jeans, and laugh till it hurts when trying to explain the gusset in SPANX. In order for the community to thrive, however, it needs all of its members to contribute. What does contribute mean? 1. Take a few minutes each time you are on the app to leave either a "thumbs up" (which is so simple) or a quick comment on another member's post. I realize you aren't a BTE (and I don't expect you to be), but even a simple comment like "The color of your shirt looks lovely on you" gives a boost of confidence to another sister. 2. Check out the BTE feedback on other members' posts and leave a comment. Fit and undertone are not body type specific. You can learn from all the posts inside of your group. Seeing how a BTE responds and learning from their comments helps you to train your eye. 3. Make a point to spend time in the app, learn its features, and communicate with members. The AYW App is not Facebook, but there are a lot of cool features available like following classmates, searching by hashtags, and seeing all the posts from certain classmates or BTEs in their profiles. Instead of reaching for your phone and pulling up Facebook or Instagram, try pulling up the AYW App instead. After doing this for six years I know the more you engage with your community, the more successful you will become in dressing your body type and the more connected you will feel. When we feel connected we are more apt to ask questions, post selfies, and give comments. Plus, it's fun to meet a new friend or two. Want more information about AYW Culture? Click the link below and choose "Culture & Guidelines". #communityapptips

Posted by Kel Snyder at 2022-05-27 13:30:09 UTC