Will I see you tonight? The June Boutique Show is one I'm calling Kelly Loves. This show doesn't have one theme, like the other shows. Instead, it's a little random, but it is filled with items I love but didn't have as a collection. Be sure to read the whole post because I have some information for you ahead of the show that others won't get. You can check out the full list of items by clicking the button below. A COUPLE OF THINGS TO NOTE: 1. This show is an immediate ship. We'll start fulfilling orders on Monday, so you "should" get your goodies next week. 2. Inventory is light in about a third of the items. This means we have less than six on hand. So, if you see something you want, act accordingly. 3. Since inventory is light, we will have first pay on. This makes sure people do not hoard items in their cart until the end of the show and then choose to pay for only two of them. Here are a few of my favorites: 1. LAURETTA Necklace, Bracelets, and Earrings (Gold & Silver Available). The ball and tube look is an upcoming trend that we will see through the end of the summer and into fall. As a point of reference, Jenny Bird has almost the exact same pieces for around $150 each. You get them for in the $20s. I'm a HUGE fan of the ball look. We've had bracelets and earrings with the "ball look" in past shows. This is a new take on that look. 2. AMEDA Bracelets. I absolutely adore this colorful set for the summer. It's bold without being too bold and just so fun. We will have a few other pieces with these kinds of colors in the show. 3. MARTA Short Sleeves Sweater Top. If you loved the FERNANDA from the May show (or were unable to get it because we sold out so quickly), you'll love the MARTA. It's the same style but in a fun holiday-inspired red stripe. See you tonight!

Posted by Kel Snyder at 2024-06-20 20:00:00 UTC