Will I see you tonight? The May Boutique Show will be featuring Summer Color. I'll be sharing a collection of summer-colored jewelry and tops. I'm so excited about this show, as I started building it in January of this year after the "market" in Atlanta. You can check out the full list of items by clicking the button below. This show will also be different than normal shows in two ways... 1. I'm pairing summer tops with specific jewelry by body type. 2. This shop is an immediate ship. We'll start fulfilling orders on Monday morning. Here are a few of my favorites: 1. ORIANA Short-Sleeved Blouse in Light Orange. This is one of the few oranges that both cools and warms can wear. I love the detail at the neckline and the slight ruffle at the sleeve for just a bit of coverage. 2. FIA Necklace in Gold, Pink, Rose, and Clear. It's a beautiful ombre of pink. Plus, since it isn't made of metal, it is incredibly lightweight. 3. LILIAN Necklace in Labradorite. This is the most beautiful shade of blue and the silver chain just sets it off. 4. SAINT Necklace in Gold, Pearl, and Turquoise. Does anyone else remember the movie "The Saint" with Val Kilmer? This necklace reminded me of that scene in the movie. It's a showstopper, for sure. See you tonight!

Posted by Kel Snyder at 2024-05-09 20:00:02 UTC