App Tip #3: How To Follow The Feed + Post To Right Group The main activity feed (which is the default inside of the app) consists of all the posts from the groups in which you are a member. This is easy when you are only part of one group, but what happens when you are a member of several groups? You have a choice. You can either choose to read your posts via the main activity feed (the default) or you can click on the group icon (located at the top of the feed) and view the posts just for that specific group. All posts are shown chronologically, so the most recent post will be at the top. Also, clicking on the group icon before you post is also handy because it guarantees you will post to the group you selected. This is handy when you are part of several groups. Want more information on posting and the feed? Click the link below and choose "Posts & Notifications". #communityapptips

Posted by Kel Snyder at 2022-05-13 13:30:14 UTC