Will I see you tonight? The February Boutique Show will be featuring Bridge, Trends, and Transitional items. This show was so much fun to put together because it features items you requested, plus lots of trends I saw last August in Las Vegas at MARKET. If you feel like your jewelry (or wardrobe) needs a refresh, you'll love this show. The Event Link below contains a full list of items and details on how to view the show. Plus, here are a few of my favorites - ELOISE Double-V Sweater (available in cobalt blue and white is a great athleisure, casual, or dressy casual option), SPACE GIRL Earrings (available in kelly green and silver are on trend with their shape, finish, and color), and the CHIARA Necklace (available in matte gold and silver with matching earrings is an amazing BRIDGE piece.) See you tonight!

Posted by Kel Snyder at 2024-02-22 21:00:17 UTC