The first HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE TRUNK SHOW will be featuring all accessories and apparel dedicated to BLING and COLOR is tonight. A couple of notes about this show. 1. It's a big one. There are 67 items. So it will go over an hour. Guaranteed. 2. Unfortunately, most of the items are LIMITED in their quantities. "LIMITED" means I can not reorder from the vendor because they are sold out. I knew this would happen because I've been sourcing items since January. But I wanted to mention it so you manage your waitlists effectively. 3. This show will be a bit different because I'm going to show apparel and then accessories that would go with the apparel - almost like a mini-collection. Then, I will go into other BLING and COLOR items. That's not to say that other items wouldn't go with the clothes or you could wear the accessories with other things. I'm just shaking it up a bit. A complete list of items and details on how to view the show is in the Event Link below. Here are a few of my favorites - the MERRY Sweater (I was wearing this on a past INSIDERS), the HOLLY JOLLY Necklace (it's set in SILVER, which never happens), and the OLIVIA Necklace (we have this in three color combinations - and in my opinion, it is one of the best buys at of the night for $26). See you tonight!

Posted by Kel Snyder at 2023-11-08 21:00:03 UTC