Q: Kelly, why don't you do LIVES on Facebook anymore? I get this question A LOT. I understand why. I started doing LIVES on Facebook several, several years ago and for many of you, this is how you found Adore Your Wardrobe. And I'm grateful for the platform that Facebook provided. But about two and a half years ago, I started seeing a trend with the comments on Facebook. They were negative. They were inappropriate. They were mean. It was like women had lost their damn minds. They believed they could say whatever nasty thing they wanted about someone and that someone wasn't allowed to correct them or stand up for themselves. GOD FORBID if you did "clap-back" because then it was all out verbal war. The names I have been called. The comments made on students before/after pictures. The air of superiority to tell me I don't know what I'm doing and how they know more. And then the pile up that happens as a result.... it's like when they see one woman do it, they think they can too. It's why we moved to Instagram. While Instagram is still a social platform, it doesn't seem to bring out the trolls in the same way (at least not yet). Or at least people understand the ability to scroll past or "x" out of something they don't like or agree with. You don't need to comment. You can just keep going. I have tough skin. You have to in this business. But, I also believe that people breed culture. I don't want to cast a net to people who are mean, negative, and say hurtful things because they "can". So, that is the reason we won't be doing LIVES on Facebook anytime soon.

Posted by Kel Snyder at 2023-09-05 15:43:59 UTC