When I started the Boutique almost five years ago ... people asked me "why" since we could link to any store and receive affiliate income from it. Why take the risk? The first reason was to help ladies easily purchase accessories that worked best for their body type and undertone. The second was because I felt like retail was broken and there was so much garbage out there that it was hard to find items that worked for your body type. The third reason, which I've never publicly discussed, was that good accessories were overpriced in everyday retail. It is hard to want to spend as much for a necklace as you did for a top. And because of that ... women had a mismatch of "clearance rack" accessories that they didn't really love but were cheap. Or they didn't have very many accessories at all. I was skimming through the upcoming Early Summer Buying Guide and saw this necklace in a Curvy Outfit and thought ... wait a minute, that looks like one I had in the Boutique last month. When I clicked on the link ... it was a very similar necklace for twice the price. Anthropologie is selling it for $50. AYW Boutique sold it for $24. Could I have sold the Rose Necklace for more? I could have. But I loved that necklace and knew it was going to be a great necklace for the summer for lots of outfits. And I'd rather see lots of women wearing it and enjoying it (because it was an easier decision to buy it at $24 than $50) than just a few. Antro Necklace --> https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/rainbow-stone-necklace2 AYW Boutique Necklace --> https://adoreyourwardrobeboutique.com/products/id/1587

Posted by Kel Snyder at 2023-05-12 14:49:37 UTC